Who Am I?

This is an utterly selfish post and is really for me more than any of my readers :-). However, some of these things have been on my mind recently. I have questioned who I am… at the core. I have a tendency to see who I’m not, and that too is reflected in this piece of prose. But, I have a recognition that in the places I feel like I fail the most, usually God has also most gifted me with an opposing strength. This prose piece comes out of those thoughts.

I am a mother

I worry too much, and get frustrated often.

But, I love my daughter desperately, and would lay down my life for her safety and joy.

I am a wife

I nag too much, and try to fit him into my mold.

But, I am the guardian of his dreams, the keeper of his secrets and will shift and grow to love him more.

I am a Christian

I worry over theology, and succumb to infighting.

But, I love the bride of Christ and will passionately share the love I’ve been given.

I am a healer

I sometimes avoid the sick when I am afraid.

But I lay hands on the sick and the Holy Spirit flows, and I walk in assurance that God still heals.

I am a writer

I write about things that don’t interest others and think I am somehow unique in my perspective

But I lay my heart on the line, and interact with others with complete honesty through my writing.

I am a health nut

I miss fast food and secretly love chocolate.

But I know my body is a temple and I choose to give it the best nutrition possible.

I am an athlete

I hate to run and I can’t throw a ball

But I push my body to it’s limit and don’t give up even when it’s tough.

I am a prophet

I am sometimes wrong and mistake my own voice for His

But I learn to hear His voice more clearly every day, and see His power touch lives through my words.

I am a princess

I often act like a pauper and feel utterly low

But I am of the royal household and when I turn my face to His I cannot live in indifference.

I am a counselor

I talk too much and listen too little

But I have great compassion for others and will pray for and with others even when I am in a dark place.

I am a lover

I put arguments before people and put pride first sometimes

But I have an overflowing sense of God’s love for me that brings conviction, healing, hope and grace.


One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Hello beingonpurpose, I was going to leave feedback to this last night but it was so late and I was really tired, so I thought I’d leave it until today. I really like this post because few people stop to ask themselves that question – Who Am I? But I think it’s one of the most important questions that a person does need to ask of themselves and, if necessary, really spend some time searching for the answers. I’m studying to be a therapist and it is pretty much a continual journey of self-reflection which can be emotional at times, but I am finding it very fulfilling.

    When I saw the name of this post I just had to stop and read it because I actually asked that question of my readers a while back, and it was the 2nd highest viewed post that I have written. Some people do struggle with that question, but I see here that you seem to know yourself very well. 🙂 That’s a good quality, and I don’t think it was selfish at all that you wrote this post. I enjoyed it!

    Since you’re following my blog, (and I yours), I thought I’d send you a link to some questions (which I have scanned and uploaded to my blog) that I am currently working on as part of one of my therapy courses. It is a list of questions for people to ask themselves as a means of self-reflection. Every time I answer one of the questions, I share at least part of the answer in a post. But the questions are available for anyone to look at in case they feel like contemplating something themselves …http://tfaswift.com/2012/12/04/etj-merciless/

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