Thoughts on today’s events


It is hard to know where to begin writing on a day like today. On the day that there are so many opinions and emotions floating around regarding the senseless deaths of multiple children and adults at a school in Connecticut, I don’t want to sit here and wax eloquent with my own opinions. I want to honor and lift up the lives that were lost and express my deepest sympathy.

On Fridays I usually post some sort of thought provoking blog post, but today I will keep it brief and respectful. I have opinions on gun control, politics and the like, but honestly It provokes my ire when I have seen individuals use today’s awful shooting as some sort of platform for their political or philosophical view. I don’t care to share my own views today, because I think all focus should be on the lives lost. Today more than any day we should be able to come together in agreement that life is precious and these families deserve our love, prayers, and kind thoughts.

Evil does exist, we have seen it at work today. But, we as Christians have a position to bring about love and light to a world that oft embraces evil. Evil needs individuals to come into agreement with it in order to bring about things like we see today. Love and light is stronger than evil, and the power of Jesus Christ is greater than the evil we witnessed. Please join with me in prayers for all of those affected, and make a choice to hold forth light and love rather than political and philosophical debate today.


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