Healthy Tip #3 – Hide those veggies

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Because of the holiday weekend I did not post a Friday blog, but I’m back with another healthy living tip. I know that vegetables are good for you, we all do, but I honestly don’t like very many veggies. If you are anything like me, or you […]

Confidence in Christ

This week I have been thinking a lot about how confidence fits into the Christian life. Often we hear about pride and humility because it is so easy to clearly identify scriptures that encourage humility and condemn pride, but where does confidence fit in, if at all. I will cover pride and humility at a […]

Tip of the week: Food Substitution – Greek Yogurt

I plan on posting some sort of healthy living tip each week. A lot of tips will be simple food substitutions for your everyday eating and cooking. This first meal substitution was one of the first substitutions I began doing regularly when making healthier choices for myself. The first food substitute is Greek yogurt. Greek […]

A humble take on politics

I try to make a point to avoid big political debates on social media. On occasion I cannot help myself, but for the most part I get frustrated by the impersonal style of communication which so easily leads to misunderstandings and arguments. After this current election I found myself very saddened by the vast conclusions […]

Postpartum Journey

Postpartum depression… that’s what they call it. I think I was scared to say those words until just recently. After all, Christians aren’t supposed to be depressed. Well, I was. I was severely depressed. My daughter was born a little over two months ago, and for the first month I suffered what I now recognize […]