Gluttony Part 1

For my first real post I figured I’d talk about something that has concerned me for a while now. This is an issue that I’ve dealt with, but I have also recognized as a big problem in culture as a whole. It is a topic largely ignored in Christian culture, though some of the worst perpetrators are Christians. It is at best foolish, and at worst sinful, and yet you will probably never hear a pastor talk about it.

The taboo topic I am describing is gluttony. Yep, gluttony.

You probably haven’t heard this word in modern conversation. In fact, I think I’ve really only heard this word in connection to old literature… but this sin is certainly not an outdated one at all. In fact, this is probably one of the most pervasive forms of foolishness at work in the Christian world and in culture as a whole.  What I mean by gluttony can be generally placed in one of two categories. The first is a habit of consuming food or drink out of boredom or as a form of comfort. The second is consuming food or drink that we know is distinctly harmful for our bodies.

I’m not one to focus on something for the sake of inducing guilt, but I’m sharing some things that I have recently been convicted of in my own personal life. You see, I have had an improper relationship with food for a long time. My intense exercise regime for most of middleschool through college kept it from becoming obvious, but since my competitive swimming career has come to an end my weight gain as a result of gluttony soared.

As I near the end of a pregnancy I can reflect on a period of time where my attitude towards food was different. On one hand, my concern about weight was obviously no longer an issue, but on the other hand I was now eating for someone else as well. I have been progressively more concerned about the type of food I am putting in my body and the way in which the unhealthy foods may be harming myself or my unborn child.

I always have been frustrated by healthy eaters who act like eating healthy is the easiest thing in the world. For someone like me who gained a lot of comfort from eating unhealthy food, and who had to make constant concerted efforts to find healthy foods I enjoyed, it just did not seem easy to me. But, in addition to the idea of eating well for someone else, I have discovered a spiritual relationship to food.

For me, comfort was such a huge reason I ate food that was not truly healthy. When I recognized this I realized that something must be missing in my personal life. The sad truth was that I was not turning to Christ as my source of comfort when sick or sad, and instead I was turning to food. Since I discovered this I also remembered that God is concerned even with those seemingly “little” concerns and he would be my biggest support in overcoming my comfort addiction to food.

In the same token, I also found myself in the other gluttonous category: that of choosing food that was harmful to my body. This often happened when I was just too lazy to make something healthy and instead chose fast food. Of course, over time this is harmful to both your body and your wallet. Again, I found myself realizing that I needed to find my source of strength in the Lord. I also needed to recognize the importance of taking care of my body, my temple.

I feel like there is so much more to say on this topic, and I have definitely only scratched the surface… but I am quite sure this will be a recurring theme. As I embark on a journey to change my eating habits I will be sharing tips, recipes and maybe even a few more confessions. But, for those who might recognize gluttony in themselves I encourage you to go to Christ and lay it at His feet. He is concerned with every “little” thing… including those things that don’t seem little at all.


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