Living… and being… on purpose

Spirituality, holistic eating, craftiness, play, frugal tips, exercise, child-rearing/familial relationships, good stories… what do these things have in common? This is just the thing I was asking myself the other day. You see, I have a fascination with each of the aforementioned categories (and others that slip my mind at the moment). Somehow they all seem so different, yet they all seem to reflect something about myself. After some pondering I realized that they do share a common thread, “living on purpose”.

Living as a Christian has always been the defining characteristic of my life, and somehow I was made to feel that enjoying other aspects of life without a direct Christian or spiritual connection was a waste of time; But, I’m realizing that it is not a waste at all. You see, each of the other categories reflects in me a desire to live purposefully in all areas of my life. I find the most joy when I am using my time wisely. Sometimes this is direct fellowship with my Savior, and other times it is living and being out of the truth of who I am… a beloved daughter of the king. So, this means that while I am loved unconditionally the love that is showered on me should come out in the way I live my life.

For example, it just doesn’t sit right in my spirit when I, or others, who profess to love God deeply and feel His love deeply eat with a gluttonous bent, seeming to gain extreme comfort from food that harms the body. Or, what about the times I waste money or materials for the sake of convenience (usually represented for me in buying pre-made items that I am perfectly capable of making myself). Of course, I also don’t want to be so set on living perfectly that I allow guilt to creep in, or abuse relationships (with God, my husband, my family) by spending undue amounts of time in these other activities. As my pastor often says, we are human beings… not human doings… and if I can’t live without feeling driven to do than I do not know my true value.

In short, this blog will be a journal of my Spirit-led attempts to balance the doings and the being that come from the love overflowing out of my relationship with Christ. I will write as though others are reading, but am perfectly content if none ever do. This is my personal journey to be on purpose.


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